Past Exhibitions

Joann Brennan Presents Managing Eden: The New Social Ecology?

February 4, through March 12, 2008

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"For the past fourteen years, I have created photographs that question how we define wildness and how we value nature. I have documented hunting, habitat manipulation, and animal research, looking for moment of contact between man and animal. These moments reveal the complexity of our relationship with nature. Through making this work, I now realize that our perception of nature and our relationship to wildness is precarious and full of paradox. Wildlife has been forced into a strange symbiotic relationship with mankind: when we intervene, we take away part of what is wild; if we do not intervene then wildlife itself may disappear. Our impact on nature and self-imposed stewardship of all that is wild has made our touch essential to the lives of the animals we have imperiled.” Joann Brennan

Brennan received her MFA and BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA. She is currently chair of the visual arts department and associate professor at the University of Colorado, Denver, CO.

The World Trade Center: Fallen Bodies

Timothy Collins presents his poignant artistic impression of 9/11. “He is a New York City resident who witnessed the destruction first-hand; we can only imagine what impressions etched his mind,” explained James Colby. “His compelling drawings present images that are real and surreal. Through his sensitive vision and artistic hand, viewers can feel the energy of the explosions and the final collapse, the shattering of the architectural elements, the hellish inferno, the smoke that swallowed the sky, and the emotions that overwhelmed our psyches. In my mind’s eye, one of his most compelling images presents a massive demon’s face that eclipses the destruction and then defiantly confronts us.”

“I remember talking to a friend late one night in 2000, looking out over the streets of New York City. We were talking about action: how the days of yore seemed full of conflict in which a person might take a position. Perhaps we were talking about the 1960’s America that has been repackaged so many times as a revolution. ‘We have nothing to react against,’ noted my friend. Well, one year later, maybe forty blocks south of where we met that night, something to react against landed square in our collective laps; scalding, bruising, and killing those around us. What was left in its wake totally transformed our society, how we saw the world, and our places in it. Now, enemies loom on the horizon (though we may have been oblivious to them all along) as we take cautious steps towards an uncertain future.” 
~ Timothy Collins

Collins is an adjunct assistant professor at The City College of New York in the School of Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture. He received a Master of Architecture II – Post-Professional degree at the Syracuse University School of Architecture, Firenze, Italy; and a Bachelor of Architecture at the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, NY.



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