Past Exhibitions

Homegrown Excellence:
The Weeks Gallery Salutes Regional Artists

October 3, 2009 through December 10, 2009

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This Weeks Gallery exhibition presents artists ranging in age from 16 to 60. What unites these artists is their pursuit of excellence and commitment to enriching cultural lives. Many of then have shaped, challenged, educated and entertained our community for decades. Most have made their marks in Chautauqua County an some are recognized throughout the region, state, and nation. JCC salutes the artists participating in this program and acknowledges that there are many others who make significant contributions.

The exhibition and opening reception were made possible by JCC/FSA, FSA College Program Comittee, JCC Foundation, Southern Tier Brewing Company, and Arthur R. Gren Company.

Justin Sorensen (American)
Sea of Galilee I, 2009
mixed media, cropped image
image curtesy of the artist


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