Past Exhibitions

Dan Reidy and Nathan Naetzker: Fact, FIction and Fantasy

On view February 7 through March 18, 2011.

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Artists select subjects they relate to, are intrigued by, or despise. Dan Reidy’s paintings vary from playful to humorous to satirical. Most are cryptic, tricky to decipher, but easy to recognize and aesthetically enjoy.

Have fun exploring Reidy's "Frankenstein," "Nick Cage," "Barney Fife," and Superman." Or enjoy art’s simple pleasures by absorbing the colors and forms.


Nathan Naetzker is well known for his formal landscapes...the tradition taught at New York Academy of Art, where he received an MFA. His paintings of rural Western New York natural environs are reminiscent of the intimacy of Albert Pinkham Ryder and the air and color of George Inness.
This new work brings years of narrative description for- ward, unlocks it...and presents paintings that are free from narrative and polish. Informed by his love for abstraction, a lifetime of wandering through forests and pastures, and a love for music, this work lets the brush and paint gracefully do the talking. Each piece is its own improvisa- tion, each piece of paint a response to the marks of color already laid down to paper or canvas.– Cynnie Gaasch, artist, curator, and activist; Buffalo, NY


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